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Did You Know That OSHA Increased Fines By 78% This Year?  This Means That The Average Fine From A Comprehensive Inspection Is Expected To Jump From $15-45K, To $37-90K, But Can Exceed $100K For Companies That Aren't Prepared.

EPA Increased Fines Between 50-80% At The Same Time.

OSHA Compliance Isn't Easy: Employee Training, Routine Inspections, Record Keeping, Health Testing & The List Goes On.
Environmental Compliance Can Include: Air Permitting & Authorizations, Storm Water & Waste Water Discharge Permits, Hazardous Waste Management and Hazardous Materials Reporting, and Record Keeping.
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Consider The Following Facts:

  • OSHA Increased Fines by 78% & EPA Increased Fines by 50-80% This Year 
  • OSHA, EPA or TCEQ Could Inspect Your Business At Any Time & Without Warning
  • OSHA & EPA Can Hold Business Owners Criminally Responsible In Some Cases
  • Injured Or Killed Employees, Or Their Families, Can Sue Companies For Settlements That Can Run Into The $Millions
  • US Companies Lose $140 BILLION Eeach Year To Occupational Injuries & Accidents
  • Violating Companies Often Face Devastating Reputational Damage & PR Nightmares

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